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MM Bookkeeping & Payroll Services, delivering a full range of assistance for small to medium businesses in the Dundee and Angus area.

Smaller businesses need all the time the owner can give to ‘getting on with the job’. Remember that every minute you spend looking after the complicated paper work is a minute that you are not getting on with your skilled work.

You have better things to do with your time. Simply keeping up with changing legislation is not only time consuming but costly. Failure to comply with government regulations can also end up with large financial penalties.

By using our services we take that responsibility from you and let you sleep easier at night.

Sitting at home all evening ‘doing the books’ causes weariness, makes you less able to give your full attention to work next day and is often the cause of friction in the home.

Contact us today to talk it over.

Member of The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.
Registered Practice No. 2291.

For any other information regarding the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers go to www.bookkeepers.org.uk

We support paying on time.


Member of The Federation of Small Businesses


  1. Bullet Cash Book, Petty Cash, Purchase and Sales Ledgers, Bank Reconciliation.

  2. Bullet End of year accounts.

  3. Bullet Management Accounts.

  4. Bullet VAT returns.

  5. Bullet Construction Industry Scheme procedures and processing.


  1. Bullet  Payroll can be processed either weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly.

  2. Bullet  Compliance with HM Revenue & Customs regulations is ensured by using BRIGHTPAY Payroll Software which is fully accredited by HMRC.

  3. Bullet  All Payroll processed in ‘Real Time Information’ (RTI) to HMRC.

  4. Bullet  All statutory returns of P60’s and where required, P11D > Expenses and Benefits.

  5. Bullet  Staff files, if required, showing sickness and holidays accrued. Advice on Holiday entitlement including public holidays.

  6. Bullet  Workplace Pensions


Advice on setting up a business and what accounting records are required for HM Revenue & Customs.


It is very important that this Tax Form is submitted to the HMRC correctly and within the specified time after the Tax Year-end to avoid penalties being incurred. MM Services can complete this provided the necessary documentation is supplied.

All forms are submitted online to HMRC.

CIS – Construction Industry Scheme

Verification of subcontractors through HMRC online services.

Subcontractor monthly statements prepared and information submitted online to HMRC.


Vat payable calculations produced from your financial records and submitted online to HMRC.

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